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Friedrich Wilhelm Hupfeld

Who was Friedrich Wilhelm Hupfeld?

Friedrich Wilhelm Hupfeld was born at 31st of December in 1834 in Germerode at Meißner, as the first child of Peter Hupfeld and his wife Anna Elisabeth, born Schülbe. He was christened on the 11th of January of 1835, godfather was Wilhelm Hupfeld, dayworker. His father was a bricklayer and 31 years old, his mother was 29 years old. In the evening of the 29th of Juli in 1840 between eleven and twelve o'clock he died in the age of only 36 years in Germerode. On the 2th of April in 1841 Friedrich Wilhelms brother Nicolaus was born. At that time the father of the two boys was dead since 8 months. Little Nicolaus died when he was eight months old, on 8th of December in 1841 in Germerode. In 1841 Friedrich Wilhelms mother married the widower and miner Johannes Nicolaus Zimmermann, whose wife Anna Katharina Sandrock had been found on 26th of July in 1842 dead in the well near the rectory. In 1843 his brother Johannes Zimmermann was born.

On Sunday , the 25th of May1845 the family Zimmermann leaved with the two children her homecountry and emigrated from Germany to Australia, Anna Elisabeth was 39, Friedrich Wilhelm 10 and little Johannes 2 years old. From Bremen they arrived after 117 days in the steerage of the ship "Patel" on Thursday,the 18th of September the port from Adelaide. Friedrich Wilhelm was registered as William Zimmermann Hupfeld.

On the 19th of January in 1855 Friedrich Wilhelm was issued a certificate of Naturaisation which states he was a native of Germerode, and had been in Australia für 9 years. He married on 9th of May 1855 in Gawler Fanny Penfold, who was four years younger than him, only 16 years old and came from Ticehurst Sussex, England. From that time they was named Hupfeld. Friedrich Wilhelm was a farmer and was granted a land lease in Virginia, S.S. by Captain Charles Sturt.

They had 14 children.

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